Professional Fees

Initial Visit

Integrative Care/ Functional Health  Consultation will take approximately 90 minutes. – $210

Blood tests and other diagnostics included with PHN number. Electronic Consult Summary and Treatment Plan sent by Email. Monitoring appointment is booked for 3 weeks time to review lab tests and adjust treatment plan.

Medical Office Administration fee, which covers chart handling, faxed lab requisitions, and prescriptions. One time only invoice by mail. – $65

Follow Up

Second appointment is booked 3 weeks after initial visit to review medications, therapy response and to explain blood test results.  Client will receive copies with explanatory notes  of all tests. 45 minute appointment. – $70

Three to four  month follow up labs to monitor ongoing therapy scheduled by phone. This appointment to review blood test results and evaluate response to therapy- $50

All Payments by Cheque, Cash or E-Transfer.  A receipt is offered for reimbursement from Extended Health Care Plans.

Ongoing support will also include instructions and assistance with all prescriptions; whether from a regular or compounding pharmacy.  All patients will be advised of  the best nutraceuticals, supplements and vitamins to assist the mind and body to optimal functioning.  Proper nutrient intake is critical for success and healing.   Frequent contact by text, phone, email  for questions, concerns and conversation is encouraged.  Patient Education and expanding your Health Awareness and Knowledge is the cornerstone of compliance and success.

Ongoing followup can be done via email, phone, text, Facebook or Skype.